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Simplicity and speed wrapped up.

Box Wrapping Machine Manufacturers in India

Box stretch wrapping machine is specially designed for packing small and medium sized objects packed in carton box or directly palletized onto the rotating platform without pallet. And the top plate provides a press to the top of unstable goods and ensure it safety packing. The machine is widely suitable for goods with light weight that can be manually loaded & unloaded from the machine.

Designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, allow to wrap and protect boxes, tires and packages in general, but also terracotta pots and beyond.

Significantly simplify wrapping operation and can be equipped with wheels to be moved.

All machines are CE certified and are supplied with instruction manual. They are particularly easy to use.


Turn on the machine, place the load on the platform and attach the film to the base of the box. Where applicable, it is possible, by operating lever, pneumatically bring down the presser stabilizer (optional) that allows you to hold steady light boxes and unstable packs. Then press the pedal to start turning the table and wrap the box by making 2-3 turns at the bottom. You can adjust the speed by potentiometer. After 2-3 turns manually lift the counterweighted reel trolley and make the windings remaining being careful to overlap slightly the film at every turn. When release the pedal the turntable stops and you can cut the film. Use pneumatic lever to raise the tamper (optional) and remove the box. Now the box is wrapped on the side panel. To make the full winding, if the package does not contain items that are damageable, replace it and carry out the winding of the top and bottom.

Main Advantages
  • Protects Product for Theft, Rain, Condensation, and Breakage.
  • Inexpensive to Operate.
  • Unit Uses Stretch Film, a ubiquitous and inexpensive Material Film can be any color from transparent or opaque.
  • Minimal Operator Training is required.
  • Extremely Easy to Operate.
  • Equipped with Braking Rolling Casters.
  • Easy to Move or Quickly Situate at the Best Locations by a Single Person.
  • Does not require bulky and power-hungry Heating Systems.
Box Stretch Wrapper Specifications:
  • Max. wrapping height: 500mm
  • Max. turntable speed: 0-30 rpm
  • Max. loading weight: 100kgs
  • Turntable dia: 600mm as standard
  • Film roll width: 500mm
  • Film roll outer dia: 250mm
  • Film roll inner dia: 76mm
  • Machine size: H: 88" x L: 63" x W: 20"
  • Power supply: AC 110V 50- 60Hz 0.5KW​
Stretch Wrapper Warranty Information:

Free 24 months parts, 12 months labour & travel warranty (terms & conditions apply).
Extend your warranty for up to 5 years for long term peace of mind.

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