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Colour-code your deliveries with our tear-resistant coloured stretch film.

Stretch Film Manufacturers in Daman

Colour tinted stretch film is excellent for a broad type of applications. Hence, these films are ideal for warehouse colour coding or dating inventory. Even our customers would use an opaque stretch wrap to protect and conceal pallets. Thus, in the same way, others would use clear pallet wrap to be able to see products sitting on a pallet quickly.

Our tough coloured stretch film is a simple way to protect products on the move and identify specific pallets or orders at a glance. Choose from black, blue, green or red rolls and make it easier to protect product parts, secure edge guard protectors and wrap awkward shapes.

Opaque Stretch Wrap Film

Many customers go for this choose for UV protection of their goods. Hence, the product is excellent for concealing pallets in transit, since once the wrap is on the pallet, you are unable to see the products. Also, we provide the opaque stretch film in different colours depending on packaging requirements.

Nowadays, printing logos on stretch film is very standard, and with white, it works best to use dark colours for the logo. Hence, vice-versa, a black opaque stretch film would suit light colours for the logo.

We offer a wide variety of types of rolls: hand rolls, extended core rolls, and machine rolls. Thus, this allows both manual and automatic application. Further, if needed, we can supply custom thicknesses upon request.

High Quality

Our Coloured Stretch Film is high quality and can be produced to your specific requirements.


Coloured Stretch Film can be suited to any application, whether it be standard stretch or pre-stretch, in hand or machine.


Our Coloured Stretch Film is available in a huge range of colours, the chart above shows just some of the colours available.


You can choose which colour you would like your Coloured Stretch Film to be, so you can use your company colours for example.


You can disguise your expensive goods in transit with our Coloured Stretch Film instead of standard pallet wrap.

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