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Strecken India plastic pallets are manufactured exclusively from pure and high quality materials.

Industrial Plastic Pallet Dealers in Bangalore

Strecken India was established in 1999, at a time when the plastic pallet was beginning to make an impact in the world of logistics.

Strecken India has developed in tandem with market requirements for plastic pallets and plastic crates for all kinds of storage applications around the world and currently supplies products to a vast array of industries including, but not exclusive to, flourmills, pharmaceutical companies and dairy farms.

In addition to plastic pallets and crates, Strecken India also supplies many companies with industrial safety products, freezer spacers, adjustable pallet cradles, plastic containers and creative packaging, all in accordance with the specific and unique requirements of each industry.

The plastic pallet and plastic product market has grown substantially over recent years as it has been shown that products are extremely cost effective, due to their strong composition and durability, can be easily cleaned and handled, making them extremely hygienic, can withstand both low and high temperatures and are recyclable and re-usable.

Plastic pallets and freezer spacers in particular have readily gained acceptance throughout the European Union as legislations have made them compulsory in certain sectors, namely the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Strecken India’s primary objective is to identify the requirements of each industry sector, providing its customers with products of the highest quality that best match their specific needs.

Strecken India prides itself not only on its ability to supply its products to a large proportion of the plastics market, but also on its dedication of ensuring that a constant high level of customer satisfaction is achieved.

Product Range

Plastic Pallets are suitable for many applications below, we have split them into two easy to navigate categories.

Plastic Pallets Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Injection Molded Plastic Pallets

Extremely strong, stackable pallets.
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Plastic Pallet Manufacturers in Bangalore

Storage & Export Plastic Pallets

Lightweight and extremely strong.
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