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Printed Stretch Wrap Sends A Message

Printed Stretch Film Manufacturer

Make your pallets stand out by using Printed Stretch film from Contact Packaging. Advertise your Company or products in a unique way plus give your load extra security by making them tamper evident. You can have complex company logos or just a simple “Fragile” print.

Printed stretch film is available in both machine and hand rolls and it made to order.

Please note printed machine film is not recommended for use on a power pre-stretch machine as the stretching of the film through the rollers distorts the print too much.

High Quality

When you stretch our printed stretch film, by the use of computer aided graphics, your logo won't become distorted, it will retain it's shape.


Printed stretch film can be suited to any application, whether it be hand applied, machine or power pre stretch.


Printed stretch film can be printed in 1 or 2 colours on clear or opaque film. The electronically produced artwork will promote your business and make your goods security wrapped.

Why buy Printed Stretch Wrap from contact packaging?

Guaranteed pallet / roll weights.
All our film is produced in India.
Premium quality.
Hand & Machine rolls available.
Experienced staff to advise the most suitable material.

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