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Stretch film, wrap and palletising equipment that’s guaranteed to secure and protect pallets.

Strecken India has a huge range of palletising equipment from stretch film wrap and shrink wrap, to strapping and pallet accessories to help protect and secure loads.

Stretch wrap is perfect for securing pallets and wrapping awkwardly shaped products ready for delivery, whilst our wood and plastic pallets create a solid base. Strecken India also stock a range of palletising and stretch film wrap machines to help save time and make your warehouse more productive.

Our in-house packaging experts will help find the best products for your business so you can get everything you need, delivered the next day.

Stretch Film Manufacturers in India

Stretch Film

Pre-stretched film is made with a process that allows film to be stretched before it is applied. The stretch film is pre-stretched by two rollers. The second roller’s rotational speed is quicker than the first, thus stretching the film between them.

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Stretch Wrapping Machine Manufacturers in India

Stretch Wrapping Machines

When film is stretched mechanically between the film carriage rollers due to the gearing ratio and diameter of the rollers. it is pre-stretched.

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