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Our market leading next generation stretch films have been specially formulated to out perform standard stretch film.

Our new manufacturing facility offers us the opportunity to optimise our new co-extrusion capabilities to manufacture a variety of stretch films. Our Polymer Technologists are continually working to develop pallet wrapping films that provide the ultimate performance with the least impact on the environment.

We have developed a new generation of thinner stretch films that exceed the performance levels of standard stretch films; these are available for both hand and machine application.

New Generation Films

The positive impact our new generation films have on the environment cannot be ignored.

  • Up to 50% less film is put into the waste stream due to reduced thickness.
  • Carbon emissions reduced due to the increased number of metres per reel therefore less pallets to transport and deliver.
  • Less cardboard cores and boxes put into the waste stream due to double length reels over standard stretch film.
Providing businesses nationwide with shipping security

Our range of stretch films is currently used by organisations throughout the India and abroad. Improve your business processes with smarter packaging.

Our stretch films are easy to apply

Apply manually, or install the rolls into your existing lines for automated wrapping.

Our stretch films are power pre-stretched for the best machine application results. In fact, we guarantee the highest machine stretch film yields in India.

For superior protection, seal your products inside our shrink films using a handheld heat gun. The wrap will shrink around your products, effortlessly holding them in place.

Product Range

We provide a wide range of stretch films from general purpose stretch wrap to speciality wrapping. This range includes the following:

Hand Stretch Film

Secures irregular shaped loads.
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Machine Stretch Film

Secure pallets and protect products.
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Pre Stretch Film

The economical stretch solution.
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Printed Stretch Film

Make your pallets stand out.
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VCI Stretch Film

Ideal for wrapping metal.
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Anti Static Stretch Film

For storing and protecting electronic items.
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Coloured Stretch Film

Colour code your pallets.
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