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Against corrosion, a second skin.

VCI Film Manufacturer in Chennai

VCI stretch is a coextruded extendible film with the added VCI anti-corrosive system. The products of the VCI range are made by introducing the VCI additive into the still melted material during the film coextrusion phase. The additive is then able to sublime from the plastic, guaranteeing protection from the corrosion of the packed metallic details.

VCI stretch film is particularly suitable for the automatic or manual packaging of metallic items to protect from corrosion, especially steel reels, bars and tubes.

The high quality resins used for the production grant extremely high performances in terms of resistance, also for plates with extremely sharp edges. The elastic memory of VCI stretch film allows the product to be fully bound, granting it a "second skin" able to prevent any oxidation process.

Main advantages of VCI stretch film compared with VCI paper to pack steel coil:

VCI stretch film can well work with automatic wrapping machines(produced by PESMEL or SIGNODE), packaging automation is available.

Low gram weigh, cost saving, 100% recycled.

Tightly close packaging, reliable packaging quality. Self-adhesive and packing function, no need to use tape or strip.

Excellent self-adhesive, wear resistant and anti-puncturing ability, effectively block water transmission.

Conformity to ROHS directive.

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